To create a wilderness experience that will inspire new discoveries and motivate the residents and visitors to sustainable living and stewardship of the planet.

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News & Updates

  • Farewell Apprentices

    Story by Kayden Nordquist. Photos by John Ratzloff. “One of the best groups to ever come”~ Will Steger They say time flies when you are having [...]
  • Blowin’ a Hoolie

    Story and Photos by John Ratzloff Mark Sealy, the great meteorologist with MPR and the University of Minnesota, has a rag-bag of interesting and [...]
  • Life Off the Grid Energy Conference

    Story by Scott Stowell. Photos by Melanie Waite-Altringer. To reach a bunch of students start with teaching the teachers. Such was the guiding [...]
  • Piecing Together Stone, Wisdom and Dreams

    Story by Scott Stowell. Photos by John Ratzloff Smoke billowed from old coffee cans, smudging the work site at the Steger Wilderness Center where [...]
  • Mike DeBoer

    Mike DeBoer lives in Stark, Minnesota, when his summer residency as a master carpenter at the Steger Wilderness Center is over. When in Stark, [...]

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Donations support the Will Steger Wilderness Center, a demonstration site that inspires and activates innovative thinking to address intractable problems. The Center’s supports participation, education and transformative experiences for youth apprentices and partnerships with inner city job creators. Your gift is greatly appreciated – donate today!

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