Homer the CatAfter years of having Huskies on the Homestead, it was due time for another feline presence. Forager turned friendly, Homer the cat has filled that position. Cats have reined the homestead in the past, hence the name “Kit Kat Lodge,” but Homer holds a special place in the community’s heart.

Homer is a very unique cat, with a human like personality. One will recognize Homer by seeing his abnormally short tail and his bulky stature. Guests of the Homestead frequently ask what happened to his tail, but that is exactly the way it should be. Homer is a Manx, which is a particular breed of cat that has shorter tails, pointy ears, and a frame built for hunting.

Homer was not so keen to fill the Homestead cat position when he was brought here three years ago. Homer the CatHe shied away from human contact and hunted the pests around the property. During his first winter at theHomestead, Homer was found starving with the points of his ears frost bitten, and nearly blind. Ever since that winter Homer has been the friendliest member of the community. He runs the welcome committee of the Homestead as well as the hunting crew. One moment he’s performing an acrobatic show to catch his prey and the next he’s cuddling in a chair. In his free time, Homer lounges in the sun, hunts for his meals, and rests along the solar panels, in the wood stack or the occasional chair or two. Sleeping during the day, and hunting at night, Homer is always the center of attention.

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