morgan durbin
Morgan Durbin is a 20 year-old from St. Cloud, Minnesota, studying Peace Studies and Environmental Studies as a double major at the College of St. Benedict. During the fall, She’ll work as a tour guide and a research assistant in addition to being apart of the Blazer cross country and track team.
Morgan first heard about center through word of mouth at school. She hopes to learn everyday within every facet of life here at the center. She’s also looking forward to group boundary water trips on the weekend, and spending time with the wonderfully quirky people here.
Morgan has grown fond of the resident photographer Johnny Ray. “He’s a gem and he has the best laugh in the world,” she said.
After work, Morgan and Jenna can usually be found hanging out together. “Jenna described herself as our camp counselor. She’s upbeat, fun-loving and a sagittarius just like me, so we get along well,” Morgan said. Morgan thinks the apprentices seem happy to be here and she’s excited to learn more about them.
One of Morgan’s most repressed but memorable memories include dumping the outhouse waste. Her greatest challenge is the hard labor everyday. But she enjoys being able to see how the work she’s done is making an impact on the center.
“There’s something that really lets you be calm in places as beautiful as this,” Morgan said. Transitioning from India where she was studying abroad during spring semester to the center this summer has been great for Morgan.
“The center is for people to be inspired to save the environment that they’re in, so it’s important to actually see the center and be a part of the community.” Morgan said.
Morgan has been honored with the nickname “granny” at the center, because she goes to bed early and is very caring towards others. She has enjoyed cooking and eating homemade pizza so far. Her favorite novel is Into the Wild, which inspired her to name her new jeep Alexander Supertramp, after the main character in the story.
Some of the strengths Morgan brings to the group include positivity, thoughtfulness and an interest in meeting and learning about people.

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