Kayden Nordquist, who also answers to ‘Lilo’, brings a lot of good energy and a contagious smile to the Stone Masonry Apprenticeship program at the Steger Wilderness Center. Kayden calls Polk County home, where he worked in printing and fabrication before coming up to the Center. As a young adult who identifies as transgender, he revels in the wilderness community which he is now an integral and welcome member of. He reports that everyone here has left a good and lasting impression on him: “It truly is a Homestead that really brings people together into a tightly knit group.” Kayden will continue as a Resident for the rest of the summer. He aims to come back next summer as a full-fledged Resident. Kayden considers his most memorable moment so far to be looking down from the third tier of the Roman Road at the stone wall he helped build. In his free time, Kayden likes to hike, fish, write and draw. He is making the most of his experience as an Apprentice and will be Johnny Ray’s assistant photographer.

Hometown? Occupation? Other background info?
Hometown= Polk County. Printing and fabrication (quit before coming up here)
Hiking, fishing, camping, writing and drawing (likes art)

What was your first impression of Will?
Busy trying to keep the community going, down to earth and level headed. He’s calm and collected

What are some strengths you bring to the group?
Work well with others, especially in a small group dynamic. Good energy and contagious smile

What do you hope to gain or what are you looking forward to this summer at the Center?

Hopes to become a full Resident for the remainder of the summer. Currently seeking skills that will lead to future employment in trade and then come back next summer to the center.

Tell me about some of the interns, residents workers and apprentices

“They all have really good energy”, everyone here is someone I would like to have as friends, all making good and lasting impressions

Tell me about a memorable moment you’ve experienced so far at the center

Standing on third tier of the Roman road looking down at the completed wall

What has been the most challenging thing for you so far?
Handling the bitter cold of the lake and keeping the bugs out of the tent, spiders in particular

What are some things you miss?

Clean clothes and a hot shower

What do you wish everyone knew about the center?

How much of a community it is; it truly is a Homestead that really brings people together into a tightly knit group

Favorite dishes to eat or cook so far?
Jenna’s bread

What do you enjoy doing during your free time?

Hiking and fishing, exploring the castle, photography

3 words to describe you

Energetic, caring, free spirited

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