For Matt Wente, this is the first time he’s been away from his home in Glencoe for this long. Although he misses his parents and his cats, he is adjusting well to life at the Steger Wilderness Center. “M.C,” as he is called by the others, recounts how the first day on the job was very demanding, as Master Stonemason Ian McKiel had the Apprentices hauling tons of rock by hand. But his great physical strength allowed him to rise to the challenge. Matt appreciates knowing that he can do a trade and he also likes getting acquainted with others. He is already known for being loquacious. In his free time Matt likes to read, take naps, and talk with Johnny Ray, the Mayor of Hobo Village, whose dog Jasper is a “real live sled dog”.

Hometown? Occupation? Other background info?

Glencoe, MN. Enjoys relaxing, playing video games.

Do you have a nickname? What’s the story behind your nickname?
“Up here they call me “M.C” because some of my friends call me that, and it stuck.

What was your first impression of Will?

“A really nice guy. He knows his stuff and has an amazing outlook.”

What are some strengths you bring to the group?
Not exactly sure; came in with an open mind. Physical strength. A good talker.

What do you hope to gain or what are you looking forward to this summer at the Center?

Some physical strength. Knowing that I can do a trade. Getting acquainted with people

Tell me about some of the interns, residents workers and apprentices

A lot of joking around with each other, helps keep everyone amused and even motivated.

Tell me about a memorable moment you’ve experienced so far at the center

The first day: putting down the footing for the first wall. Listening to Johnny Ray’s stories and meeting Jasper, a real live sled dog.

What has been the most challenging thing for you so far?

Getting along well with others, not knowing how far to go with others.

What are some things you miss?
My parents and my cats

What do you wish everyone knew about the center?

How nice it is visually. Not very many have heard or seen it.

Favorite dishes to eat or cook so far?


What do you enjoy doing during your free time?

Just hanging out; going to Hobo Village, taking naps, reading

Fun fact about yourself?

Only know two people in Canada so far

3 words to describe you
Open minded, friendly, loquacious

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