Michael Payne goes by the nickname “Milo.” He lives in Elk River where he likes to D.J., play music, run track, fish and draw. As an Apprentice at the Steger Wilderness Center, Milo is intent on learning the craft of stone masonry, and acquiring as much knowledge as he can to one day build something like this for his own family. He greatly values the self-reliance that characterizes the Center and the way everyone takes care of each other. “There is always someone there to help. Everyone helps everyone else constantly.” Milo is a thoughtful listener who soaks up the words of Will and Johnny Ray because he values their intelligence, experience and wisdom. He has taken to Johnny Ray’s retired sled-dog, Jasper, whom he gladly watched after while the Mayor was away on a photo assignment. He got Jasper howling in response to his nearly perfect wolf howl. Milo also likes to hang with fellow Apprentice, Karl. As Milo puts it, they make a ‘power-packed team’, whether it’s on the job site, canoeing, or on the epic hike to Ely and back.

Do you have a nickname? What’s the story behind your nickname?

‘Milo’ derived from Michael

What was your first impression of Will?
Very smart man. Has a lot of wise things to say and to learn from.

What are some strengths you bring to the group?

Friendly, cool person to get along with. Very positive. Don’t jump to conclusions; search for reasons behind situations

What do you hope to gain or what are you looking forward to this summer at the Center?

As much knowledge as I can to hopefully build something like this for your family. Recreate self-sufficiency as a way of taking care of your family or anyone in need. Learn the craft of stonemasonry.

Tell me about some of the interns, residents workers and apprentices

All pretty cool. Get along well with each other. Work well with Karl making a “power packed team”. Fun to hang out with after work day. Everyone here is really positive.

Tell me about a memorable moment you’ve experienced so far at the center

Sitting down in Hobo Village around the campfire talking with ‘The Mayor’, aka Johnny Ray. Much to learn his intelligence and experience; same goes for Will.

What has been the most challenging thing for you so far?
Working the cement mixer. Fear of messing up. But I’m facing it and getting better at it.

What are some things you miss?

Nothing except hanging out in downtown Mpls. Showering daily.

What do you wish everyone knew about the center?

How positive the place is, not just a place of hard work. The hard work is very rewarding. There is always someone there to help. Everyone helps everyone constantly

Favorite dishes to eat or cook so far?

Hot ham sammies

What do you enjoy doing during your free time?

Canoeing, hiking, hanging out with Jasper

Fun fact about yourself?
An awesome wolf howl.

3 words to describe you.

Chill, Calm, Collective, Friendly, Thinker

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