The departure point of this year’s solo will be 150 travel-miles northeast of Ely, Minnesota, in northwestern Ontario. I’ll start at Burchell Lake, the headwaters of the Waweag River. It features small creeks and streams that gradually increase in volume as the Waweag flows into Kawnipi Lake in the northeast sector of Canada’s Quetico Provincial Park.

I chose this route because it offers the greatest challenge and the best opportunity to build new skills. The spring thaw appears to be under way in the North, which makes these rivers quite dangerous. They present a combination of thin, unpredictable ice with flowing current underneath. I expect the first part of the expedition to be slow and tedious.

Once on Kawnipi, my route will take me over rivers and lakes as they begin break-up. I expect to return to my cabin north of Ely around April 10th.

You can follow this year’s adventure with me at this link. Each night, I’ll transmit reports via satellite phone and share my present location on Google maps. There will be a lot of unknowns along the way. I look forward to checking in with you.

Will Steger

Follow the expedition, click here for live updates:


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  1. Donard e Kunesh

    Good morning Will You are one lucky man. I look forward to getting on snowbank lake in March, but unfortunately I can’t experience the challenges you put your self through. My friends will be helping you as you cut the ice this weekend for your seasonal electric free refrigerator. I love to canoe, but fall short some years with work. This will be the year i hope, to get out up there by the boundary waters and experience the beauty and peacefulness. Take care and good luck to You.


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