“Last night a pine marten came into the cabin, which could have been problematic. I threw a small stick at a metal table leg and scared it away. That really freaked out the pine marten.” – Will Steger, March 31, 2018

Will describes the trapper’s cabin he’s been living in the last few days. Special thanks to Jason Cook.

Black Lake: -9°F / Baker Lake: -16°F / Ely, MN: 21°F


Find Will Steger on the 2018 Barren Lands Solo Expedition and follow his daily progress. Will updates his position at the end of each day while making dinner, journaling, and preparing for the next day.

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2 Responses to “Barren Lands – March 31 – Day 12”

  1. Mary Ann Johnson

    Never heard of a pine marten. Thanks for the education. Love your updates. Keep them going!

  2. jim brandenburg

    Hi Will, I was enthralled by your comments about the last few days of your challenging trek thru deep snow to the barrens! Your connection with the First Nation people! So inspiring, I wish I was along but I would not be able to keep up with the world class master traveler. Bravo my friend! Jim B’burg


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