“40 km/h wind gusts. In shelter of cliffs. No satellite coverage. All is well.” – Will Steger, April 04, 2018.

Beneath the storm clouds, Will’s satellite phone can’t connect to leave a voice message tonight, but the above text came with an updated location of his whereabouts.

Black Lake: -3°F / Baker Lake: 1°F / Ely, MN: 23°F


Find Will Steger on the 2018 Barren Lands Solo Expedition and follow his daily progress. Will updates his position at the end of each day while making dinner, journaling, and preparing for the next day.

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One Response to “Barren Lands – April 04 – Day 16”

  1. Philip Kitze

    Really wondering how you navigate through the vastness of the area. With virtual white out conditions, how do you stay on track? I would think in that open area in chest deep snow, you could not depend on any kind of landmarks. Will you pass through other villages on your journey?


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