“I expected a lot of thin ice and rapids and all sorts of adventures of that sort. But it was more of a harder slog, which is a different type of experience. I have no disappointment at all. You always get what you get whatever you do. ” – Will Steger, May 27, 2018. Day 69.

Will gets picked up in the Barrens and begins his journey home to the wilderness.

Black Lake: 60°F / Baker Lake: 28°F / Ely, MN: 69°F


Find Will Steger on the 2018 Barren Lands Solo Expedition and follow his daily progress. Will updates his position at the end of each day while making dinner, journaling, and preparing for the next day.

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  1. Mike Melby

    Thanks a bunch Will, I followed you daily and enjoyed your accounts of the day. Your descriptions were great and made it feel like I was there.


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