“I just landed in Dave’s ski plane on wheels at Yellowknife so I’m officially back in civilization right now. I’m on pavement and talking on a cell phone so I have to get back to the real world now and get caught up on emails. I wanted to thank everybody for following me for the last two months. It’s been a great personal trip for me.” – Will Steger, May 30, 2018. Great Slave Lake, NWT. Day 72

Yellowknife: 42°F / Ely, MN: 68°F


Find Will Steger on the 2018 Barren Lands Solo Expedition and follow his daily progress. Will updates his position at the end of each day while making dinner, journaling, and preparing for the next day.

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4 Responses to “Barren Lands – May 30 – Day 72”

  1. Rochelle Lorenz

    Congratulations! It has been great fun following your trek! Such a welcome relief from everything else going on in the world! Thank you. Glad you are back safe.

  2. Jack Fate

    Great trip, great idea, great inspiration for anyone who has an interest in keeping on the move as they enter their senior years. And we enter those years way before we turn 74, which I think is your age or close enough. This trip…I can’t say enough about it. I don’t know much about your various expeditions to the poles other than the headlines and I always had a vague awareness of those things. But this, heading out on your own, all by yourself, to the Barrens at 74, now that’s something. I’m 68 and I need to motivate myself to get up and walk the dog around the park across the street. I know, my attitude is shamefull but that’s the way it is. But you make me feel like I can do that and much more; and I hope to. Next year please take a rifle, a big ass shotgun, and a sidearm. That way we followers can get a good nights sleep and not worry about bear attacks when you haven’t posted for a day or two. Welcome back to the world and here’s to a peacefull decompression and transition to things as they are. When you began this trip I thought of committing to a dollar amount donation per day. But I got busy and forgot about it. So it’s officially ended at 72 days and if I donate $5 per day that comes to $360. It’s on its way tonight to the Will Steger thing-a- ma- jigger. And if any readers were similarly inspired by this trip you might consider something similar, or not, maybe you are just a passive reader; that’s fine too, no pressure. But I ask….who does this sort of thing? Nobody does, not the flash in the pan champions of various persuits, but Will Steger did it. And if you have a sense of “invitation”, or “here’s something interesting”, you might consider a donation to this extraordinary person for what he has done.

  3. Marco Luciani

    Hi Will,
    Glad to hear you made a safe return to civilization. Me and my Mom really enjoyed listening to all of your dispatches from the Barren Lands, and look forward to continuing the vicarious adventure next year.

    Best wishes, Marco

  4. JoAnn Huss

    Way to go , Will. We are all so happy that you had an exciting, safe trip through the Barrens this spring, 2018.!
    Thank you for your skills and strength to embark on such an adventure for the sake of educating citizens of the world about our fragile environment!


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