Wilderness Word – June 13, 2018
by Jenna Pollard

Today was another beautiful, sunny day. I began it on the edge of the lake with Will (Beaton), Johnny Ray and Beth, sipping coffee and watching the pine pollen swirl on the surface of the water. Breakfast included sourdough pancakes, a homestead staple! The sourdough was gifted to us by a local friend, making the treat all the more sweet.

At our 8am meeting we quickly divided into work groups and began an arduous work day. Mike Deboer’s crew finished the framing for the first wall tent so that we should be able to drop the canvas tomorrow.

Beth’s crew worked on laying out the floor framing for the second wall tent. A large aspen stump next to the platform needed to be excavated to make room for a walkway around the tent. Mabel, Tristen and Sophia made a full afternoon of work out of removing the stump.

In the lodge, Trevor and Justin continued work on our new cubby room and installed a new book shelf. We also continued work in the garden, excavating soil for pouring our solar array foundation later this summer.

In the wood shop, Elena, Andrew and Tina finished planing and began jointing the boards for the wall tent floors. Al, Kelsey and Darren are nearly finished putting siding on a new portable outhouse to support the new Summit tent camp.

After a big supper of build your own burritos we headed to the sauna. At 170 degrees Fahrenheit, our pores opened to expel the dirt, sawdust and grime that they had been collecting over the previous few days’ work. A dip in the lake is all we need to achieve the highest level of cleanliness to get us though the rest of the week.

It’s a true testament to the Center’s value of community that after working together, living together and sharing meals everyday, we still find joy in rubbing shoulders, sharing stories and laughing in the evenings.

Around the Hobo Village fire after sauna, Tina and I worked on carving our canoe paddles while we talked about the purpose of the Center and its futuristic mission with Ivan, one of the Summit Academy students. I called it an early night around 8pm, eager to catch up on sleep in preparation for another big day tomorrow. It promises to be a sunny one!


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