Life at the Homestead
by Caitlin Augdahl

July 4, 2018

Life at the Steger Center is pretty simple. After a long day of work the residents and staff enjoy themselves and the wonderful companionship of this community. After the rush of dinner and dishes, residents often go down to Hobo Village to hang out with the mayor, Johnny Ray.

The first photo (above) was taken on the fourth of July. Staff members Jenna Pollard and Louis Mielke were singing some songs about wilderness while we all laughed and sang along.

After a fun 4th, it was back to work for the staff and residents. The third photo above shows our daily morning meeting with Will Steger, all the staff, all the residents and of course, Johnny Ray’s retired sled dog Jasper.

The night after work was a calm, soothing evening. Most people were tired after their work day, taking a dip and the lake and hitting the sack. But Jenna and Aurora knew there was still time to get some work done before the sun went down. In the fifth picture you can see them making shelves for the portraits of the past years residents.

– CA

Stay tuned for more Life at the Homestead updates by summer resident Caitlin Augdahl.

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  1. Pete Backlin

    We commend the summer residents for their sacrifice and dedication to making a difference toward conserving and protecting our environment. Your example alone will have more affect than you could ever imagine. You are creating memories that you will cherish for a lifetime. It’s comforting to know that as your generation takes over the responsibility of this planet that there are people like you who will be there to take on the task. Keep up the good work! Pete and Jan Backlin


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