Life at the Homestead
by Caitlin Augdahl

July 10, 2018

It was a beautiful weekend here at the Steger Center. We had a gorgeous sunny day on Saturday and a rainy Sunday to calm down the festivities of the weekend. With past residents visiting and some guests who were visiting the Boundary Waters Canoe Area, we had an exciting weekend.

The first few photos are from the fire down at Hobo Village on Saturday night. Will needed us to burn up some scrap wood, so we made a huge fire with logs so large we needed two people to carry them. Once the fire was at satisfactory height, we all enjoyed the companionship that arises at gatherings around the fire.

Monday brought an exiting feel to the Homestead, as the second Summit group arrived to help us with our ongoing projects. The fifth photo shows the first morning meeting with this group from Summit. This week is also exciting because Jim Sullivan, the master stone mason, came up to teach us how to build a dry retaining wall down by the lake.

After an exciting work day, residents and staff relieved their stress of the day by doing yoga on the dock, playing volleyball, and hanging out with Johnny Ray down at Hobo Village.

– CA

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