Will and the Steger Wilderness Center communication squad travel together to Listening Point on nearby Burntside Lake – the fabled land of Sigurd Olson, the great nature writer, whose books still inspire love and wonder for the Boundary Waters and beyond.

In the video above, you can follow the full tour of Listening Point and hear Will tell stories about Sig. Below, watch our musical collaboration with artist Willow Bardlark who sang “The Singing Wilderness” during our visit.

Learn more about Sigurd Olson’s legacy at the Listening Point Foundation:

4 Responses to “Trip to Listening Point – Summer Dispatch 08”

  1. Steve

    What a special post to hear Will speak of his old friend: “wilderness is a spiritual necessity…” Sigurd Olson. And Willow rocked the singing wilderness with grace and depth, fantastic! It is such a blessing to access this life-line into the wilderness. Thank you you all for what you do and for shooting, editing and downloading the video. It’s a beautiful offering, this online connection. And to Willow, Thanks for the medicine. Loved the singing wilderness!

    • Susan

      Great job on the video Johnny Ray!
      I really liked the tribute music to Sig- you nailed it Willow.
      Will’s stories were so interesting, especially the ice skating at night.
      My father was editor of the MN Conservation Volunteer for several years. I remember the stories about his friend Sig and articles written for the magazine. I now own dad’s books signed by Sig (don’t tell my brothers)😁

  2. Susan

    Great song and music Willow! Excellent video Johnny Ray- I wanted to jump in and hang out there.
    Will’s stories of Sig were very interesting.
    My father and Sig were also friends. I remember some of Dad’s stories and his articles in the MN Volunteer. But most of all, I loved reading Sig’s books that Sig gave to Dad, which are mine now (don’t tell my brothers)😁


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