Will Steger, May 26, 2019:

“Last night it cleared up and it was warm, right around freezing. Just a beautiful evening, a little cloud cover like a spring evening in the North. It was suspiciously pleasant.” 

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8 Responses to “2019 Barren Lands Solo – Dispatch Feed:”

  1. Bobby Steger

    Always thinking of you and not without worry. You inspire me as I soon will light out into a California trek.

  2. Kine Samuels

    Wishing you the best and be careful out there.My kids are very inspired.

  3. Emily Forzani

    Dean wishes he was there. Thank you for your experience with the wolves – apparently you did the right thing! Our best always – go hard. D&E

  4. Elizabrth Brey

    Betsy here in the foothills of The Appalachian Mountains in Boomer, NC; (Joe Brey’s sister).
    Listening daily to your audio feeds.
    Absolutely mesmerizing………
    Be safe.

  5. Harriet halverson

    Thinking of you as well as all others. What you are doing is so important as well as unbelievably challenging. Be safe.

  6. Ellen Wahlstrom

    Have been following your reports and good to know you are doing well in spite of risks and challenges. What an incredible accomplishment and contribution to the scientific information about climate change. Be safe as you complete your expedition.


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