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  • listeningpoint_dispatch_feature

    Trip to Listening Point – Summer Dispatch 08

    Will and the Steger Wilderness Center communication squad travel together to Listening Point on nearby Burntside Lake – the fabled land of Sigurd Olson, the great nature writer, whose books still inspire love and wonder for the Boundary Waters and beyond.
  • 0710_07

    Summer Wildlifer Log – Dispatch 07

    The residents and new Summit Academy students help master stone mason Jim Sullivan with his first project of the summer - building a terraced stone wall to divert pond water into the lake.
  • willtree

    Summer Wildlifer Log – Dispatch 06

    Johnny Ray & Jasper interview Jenna about the full-scribe log cabin she built with the Steger Wilderness Center summer residents and Summit Academy students after the great windstorm of 2016, which felled hundreds of trees in the area.
  • 7.5.18 Morning meeting 3

    Life at the Homestead – July 4th, 2018

    Hear about 'Life on the Homestead' from 2018 summer resident Caitlin Augdahl. For many at the Center, this 4th of July was one of the all-time greatest.
  • Dispatch_05(1)

    Summer Wildlifer Log – Dispatch 05

    The summer residents build the floor in the new Summit Academy wall tent structure, and the crew receives a lovely letter from a friendly volunteer who worked along side them at the Steger Wilderness Center this June.
  • 6-12-18 10

    Making Pictures with Johnny Ray – Summit Academy June 2018

    For two weeks, students from the Minneapolis Summit Academy worked with us at the SWC. Resident photographer Johnny Ray Ratzloff made photos of the crew on their building adventures.
  • 0625_04(6)

    Summer Wildlifer Log – Dispatch 04

    Aurora cuts down a tree, Justin picks up nails, Jenna builds a wall, Louis burns a pine cone, Johnny Ray makes pictures, and Kelsey jumps in the lake on June 25, 2018 at the Steger Wilderness Center.
  • Summit #1(14)

    Summit Academy Builders – 2018 Summer Wildlifer Log

    For two weeks, 8 students and 2 instructors from the Summit Academy OIC of North Minneapolis worked alongside the summer residents to design, frame, and put together two massive wall tent structures that will house future Summit builders in summers to come.
  • 0613_02_feature

    Summer Wildlifer Log – Dispatch 02

    At the start of the summer, the Steger Wilderness Center staff assess the quality of the land’s natural resources and keep track of their progress in rewilding and utilizing what the wilderness has to offer.
  • 0612_01_feature1

    Dispatch 01 – Summer Wildlifer Log

    In the summer's first Wildlifer Log, we'll meet a baby robin fallen from a tree, clean "Mixy" the cement mixer, burn an aspen smudge pot to discourage the bugs, "build character" with stump removal, and stroll to the lake at the end of the day.