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  • 68_feature

    Barren Lands – May 26 – Day 68

    “The pickup is scheduled for tomorrow. I’d say it’s about 50-50 maybe, getting the plane in here. This weather is getting a little better, but it just goes on and on… I’ll check in tomorrow. I should be at Dave Olsen’s house on the Great Slave Lake or back in th tent here.” - Will Steger, May 26, 2018. NWT. Day 68.
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    Barren Lands – May 25 – Day 67

    “Had real heavy rains here, about 3 hours worth. Some of the heaviest rains I’ve ever seen on snow… It was unusual. It was raining hard, but the temperature was below freezing. It all froze on the surface. Just a spring diamond.” - Will Steger, May 25, 2018. NWT. Day 67.
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    Barren Lands – May 24 – Day 66

    “I traveled about 20 miles today, pulling my sled with all my gear, exploring these areas. Within this pass in a small gorge, I found a grove of spruce trees, which is really rare on that side of the divide… I’ll be back to my small lake that I’m gonna use as an airstrip tomorrow.” - Will Steger, May 24, 2018. NWT. Day 66.
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    Barren Lands – May 23 – Day 65

    “The day was just a stunning, clear, calm day - skied all day without a shirt. I regretted that actually right now. I got a bad sunburn, but it was worth it… It looks like a summer day in Minnesota.” - Will Steger, May 23, 2018. NWT. Day 65.
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    Barren Lands – May 22 – Day 64

    “Killing time is the name of the game here. I sit a lot, sometimes lie a lot. I normally just listen, ya know? Just pay attention... I listen a lot to the wind at night. It’s just a beautiful experience.” - Will Steger, May 22, 2018. Canoe Cache Grove, NWT. Day 64.
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    Barren Lands – May 21 – Day 63

    "There was a tight clump of trees together, that provided good wind and rain and snow protection. About 6-7 feet up, I lashed a couple sticks about 4 inches in diameter up in the air like struts for a canoe rack. Tomorrow, I'll attach the canoe to that. I'm pretty confident that will be adequet unless some curious bear comes around. " - Will Steger, May 21, 2018. NWT. Day 63.
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    Barren Lands – May 20 – Day 62

    "The sound of the wind in the trees is unusual. When I lay here in the tent, it makes me think I'm in Ely again. It sounds like home." - Will Steger, May 20, 2018. NWT. Day 62. Black Lake: 60°F / Baker Lake: 19°F / Ely, MN: 64°F
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    Barren Lands – May 19 – Day 61

    "Violent storm last night... I was up around 2 in the morning just in case the tent blew. The wind was at least 70 miles per hour. In the morning, the muskox that were camped out next to my camp where still here... My company is gone now... They are a distant part of the landscape." - Will Steger, May 19, 2018. NWT. Day 61.
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    Barren Lands – May 18 – Day 60

    "I saw these huge boulders to the south. The tundra was thawing, and the tundra thaws pretty fast, but I couldn't believe my eyes. I thought, "How could I have missed that?" Then I looked again, and they were moving – a herd of muskox less than 100 yards from here." - Will Steger, May 18, 2018. NWT. Day 60.
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    Barren Lands – May 17 – Day 59

    "I'm back on the Canadian Barrens. It's wide open spaces here, no trees -- very easy here to get lost... I'm up high, camped in a very beautiful place... Spring almost has to come right now. There's so much intensity in the sun." - Will Steger, May 17, 2018. NWT. Day 59.