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  • 48_feature

    Barren Lands – May 06 – Day 48

    "This raven landed on an island next to me... I talked to him for a while. He's probably never seen a human being before - never definitely had a human being talk to him. When I was singing to him, he was shifting his weight from one foot to another..." - Will Steger, May 06, 2018. Eyeberry Lake, NWT. Day 48.
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    Barren Lands – May 05 – Day 47

    "I'm very satisfied with this tent. I've used it over a 30-year period. Probably have about 1,500 days in this thing... I always pitch it on ice. I never sleep on land unless I can't." - Will Steger, May 05, 2018. Eyeberry Lake, NWT. Day 47.
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    Barren Lands – May 04 – Day 46

    "(Overflow) from the banks or creeks or rivers that flow into the Thelon will flow out on the top of the ice and freeze... But the snow protects the overflow from freezing - imagine knee deep water when it's 50 below covered up by 2 feet of snow. This is very, very dangerous." - Will Steger, May 04, 2018. Thelon River, NWT. Day 46.
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    Barren Lands – May 03 – Day 45

    "I read the river ice by its subtle shades... Some of the ice is green. The darker green you wanna stay away from. The lighter greens are safe. Same thing with the blacker ice. Real black, you've really gotta watch out." - Will Steger, May 03, 2018. Thelon River, NWT. Day 45.
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    Barren Lands – May 02 – Day 44

    "It was a pretty nice morning. It started to thaw the snow a bit... Then after lunch, it clouded up and turned into a snowstorm. Visibility dropped down to almost nothing. I traveled in the whiteout for awhile, and everything got sopping wet." - Will Steger, May 02, 2018. Thelon River, NWT. Day 44.
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    Barren Lands – May 01 – Day 43

    "Very interesting day for me, just to do something different. I really like getting out on the land. A couple times I was on a high point where I could really see in the distance... Just spectacular knowing the true wilderness here. Probably the nearest person is about a couple hundred miles from me." - Will Steger, May 01, 2018. Thelon River, NWT. Day 43.
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    Barren Lands – April 30 – Day 42

    "I actually may take a shortcut tomorrow. I'll look at the map in the morning. It'd be about 8 miles overland. It'd be a good adventure if nothing else... I have a hunch I'm gonna go for it." - Will Steger, April 30, 2018. Pelon River, NWT. Day 42.
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    Barren Lands – April 29 – Day 41

    "By the time I packed up, the wind intensified. I had a tailwind, but the snow continued, the sun disappeared, and I got into a really bad whiteout. Couldn't see anything at all. I had to sit about half an hour to kinda wait for the snow to lift... Then I traveled on." - Will Steger, April 29, 2018. Elk River, NWT. Day 41.
  • 40_feature

    Barren Lands – April 28 – Day 40

    "I thought, 'Boy, this is it. We've got a good thaw coming.''... Then everything changed. The whiteout came back. The clouds came in. The north wind came up." - Will Steger, April 28, 2018. Day 40.
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    Barren Lands – April 27 – Day 39

    "Managing the solitude is very easy for me. It's pretty much like a Zen monastery. I'm in this absolutely perfect rhythm. I do the same thing every day, and I don't mind doing it. It frees up your mind a lot." - Will Steger, April 27, 2018. Day 39.