Building for Change

The Steger Wilderness Center offers a unique experience for leaders to come together to solve problems in a purposeful, inspirational setting designed to produce breakthroughs through close attention to small group dynamics. Read More…..

Each summer, the Steger Wilderness Center hosts a variety of groups to participate and learn at the enter. These include interns, who assist in all aspects of caring for and improving the land and its structures, and form the base of the Center’s community; apprentices who learn from masters in skill that support self-sufficiency; and students who participate in hands-on service learning projects. Read More….

The Steger Wilderness Center’s pilot energy projects and off-grid sustainable living are important tools for teaching and learning about environmental responsibility.

The Center will soon host a 20-kilowatt photovoltaic array, additional wind energy generating capacity, a biomass project and the latest advances in energy efficiency. Read More….