Expedition Gear

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    Barren Lands Solo Expedition

    At a time when the northland climate is offering a glimpse of easing, Will Steger isn’t ready to call it a winter. On March 21, he’ll begin an [...]
  • Gloves

    Hats and Gloves

    A high percentage of your heat is lost through your head and hands. I bring three different pairs of gloves and more than three hat and scarf [...]
  • ExpeditionClothing

    Expedition Clothing

    Hauling my canoe-sled and gear is a tremendous amount of work. I burn 8,000 calories a day.Layers allow me to maintain good body heat during [...]
  • powersystemweb

    Power System

    I've develop a small, lightweight power system that I use on my expeditions. It consists of a 14-Watt solar panel and battery pack, both made by [...]
  • harness


    A good harness makes hours of hauling heavy sleds through deep show possible. This harness was designed over 20-years ago by me and several other [...]
  • snowshoes


    Snowshoes are important items on my expeditions. Weight matters on long journeys. I use Northern-Lites-Snowshoes. They are the lightest on the [...]
  • canoe


    Good gear is critical to any wilderness expedition.  Quality, weight, performance...these and other factors are carefully considered before each [...]