The Will Steger Wilderness Center offers a unique experience for leaders to come together to solve problems in a purposeful, inspirational setting designed to produce breakthroughs through close attention to small group dynamics. The Center’s character, design and purpose are about cultivating and activating a better world. The transformative experience of the Center and the subsequent improvement it brings to the world are its defining hallmarks.

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The Will Steger Wilderness Center serves both non-profit and for-profit groups and institutions, as well as ad hoc groups of individuals. It will host 10-12 groups a year, with each group comprised of a maximum of 12 people. A typical group would include eight participants plus a facilitator, and up to three others who will provide supportive services. The size limit is based on an understanding Will Steger developed in the planning of his polar expeditions of the interaction quotient necessary for fruitful small group dynamics, as well as respect for the wilderness. Small groups focused on the critical issues of the day can be the catalysts for big change.”

News & Updates

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