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  • Generations of Partnerships

    Will Steger and the St. Thomas Sustainability Club take time out for a team photo.Photo: Scott Stowell A new thread began a tapestry 55 years [...]
  • Julie-BoardMembers

    Julie Ristau

    Steger Wilderness Center board chair Julie Ristau has a proven track record of clarifying a vision and then making it happen in practical terms. [...]
  • Melanie-BoardMember

    Melanie Waite-Altringer

    The opportunity to work with a hero doesn’t happen often. Wilderness Center board member Melanie Waite-Altringer has admired Will Steger from [...]
  • Craig-BoardMember

    Craig Tarr

    For a nonprofit organization that’s all about demonstrating sustainable energy, having a solar engineer volunteer to take over its energy systems [...]
  • slider_steger_center2

    Introducing our Board Members

    Forming a nonprofit board is serious work and no different than forming any team. Once you commit to your team, there’s no turning back. The [...]
  • Kim(C)-BoardMember

    Kimball Knutson

    Steger Wilderness Center board member Kimball Knutson doesn’t soft-sell her obligation. From the Center’s inception in 2014, her name was one of [...]
  • Peter-BoardMember

    Peter Wahlstrom

    According to Wilderness Center board member Peter Wahlstrom, his connection with nature, especially wilderness, began with the spin of a steering [...]
  • Jerry-BoardMember

    Jerry Stenger

    When Wilderness Center board member Jerry Stenger first met Will Steger face to face, Steger was a little preoccupied. He was at the Minneapolis [...]
  • ows_149031849629568

    Steger, 72, embarks on latest solo canoe/sled adventure

    This is an excerpt from: Anderson: Steger, 72, embarks on latest solo canoe/sled adventure By BRIAN PETERSON, Star Tribune on 03/24/17 For [...]
  • Solo-2016-Daily-Dispatches

    Daily Dispatch Solo 2017

    Will Steger's Northwestern Ontario 2017 Solo Expedition Check back every day for updates!

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