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    Barren Lands – April 08 – Day 20

    "There's been a wolf that's been following me, and I've been following it... Wolves will generally follow the old portage trails, so when I saw this faint, very slight depression (of wolf tracks) in the snow, I followed [...]
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    Barren Lands – April 07 – Day 19

    "I made a mistake and went up one of the wrong bays. It cost me about 3 hours of hard time. But that's just part of the way it goes sometimes." - Will Steger, April 07, 2018.
  • 18_feature

    Barren Lands – April 06 – Day 18

    "These last 17-18 days almost seem like a blur to me - really tough days, not making a lot of time, and not really getting into that expedition rhythm... But now I feel like the expedition is really starting for me. I'm [...]
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    Barren Lands – April 05 – Day 17

    "I was traveling straight north into the ground blizzard... In the distance I saw some cliffs. There was a little bit of a shelter there, but I was unable to transmit out." - Will Steger, April 05, 2018
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    Barren Lands – April 04 – Day 16

    "40 km/h wind gusts. In shelter of cliffs. No satellite coverage. All is well." - Will Steger, April 04, 2018.

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