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  • powersystemweb

    Power System

    I've develop a small, lightweight power system that I use on my expeditions. It consists of a 14-Watt solar panel and battery pack, both made by Brunton.I've been working with Brunton for about 20 years. Having a [...]
  • harness


    A good harness makes hours of hauling heavy sleds through deep show possible. This harness was designed over 20-years ago by me and several other explorers.  Granite Gear made it for us.Learn more and watch the [...]
  • outsidemag

    The 70-Year-Old Night-Canoeing Explorer

      Paddling through Minnesota’s springtime ice break-up is nuts. What is Will Steger thinking? In late March, polar explorer Will Steger will embark on one of his trickiest expeditions to date: a 200-mile, [...]
  • snowshoes


    Snowshoes are important items on my expeditions. Weight matters on long journeys. I use Northern-Lites-Snowshoes. They are the lightest on the market. Bindings also matter - especially for safety reasons.Watch the [...]
  • WILL0315c2

    Will Steger to make canoe-sledding trek along the Canadian border

    This time, Will Steger won’t have to go to the North Pole, Antarctica, the Northwest Territories or the Arctic Ocean to mount an expedition.  Article by Sam Cook in the Duluth News Tribune. [...]

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