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    Trans-Antarctica Team

    The team poses at the end of their 7-month, 3741 mile expedition. International Trans-Antarctica Team Members (left-to-right)Geoff Summers, Great Britain Jean-Louis Etienne, France Dr. Victor Boyarsky, [...]
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    25th Anniversary of the International Trans-Antarctica Expedition

    On March 3, 1990, I along with five other explorers from six different countries and our 42 sled dogs completed the first-ever dogsled crossing of the Antarctic continent. I, along with Jean-Louis Etienne from France, [...]
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    Good gear is critical to any wilderness expedition.  Quality, weight, performance...these and other factors are carefully considered before each piece is selected, reviewed and packed.  Some of my most important gear, [...]
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    Adventurer Will Steger prepares for icy crossing

     “I had my hydroseal outfit on, neoprene socks, gloves and helmet. I shoved off at the bottom of the rapids. There was blowing snow and the water was very black. It was treacherous, stark and extremely beautiful. The [...]
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    Solo 2015

    In late March 2015, I will begin a 200-mile canoe-sled solo over the northern rivers and lakes along the Minnesota/Canadian border. This expedition during the spring break-up is a personal journey to experience the [...]

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