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  • ARCC - Wahlstrom

    Never Take Greens For Granted

    Living a simple life on the Homestead not only helps one understand just how many things most would consider necessity to be superfluous, but also to appreciate the things that might seem easily obtained elsewhere - [...]
  • A Walk With Maia

    A Walk With Maia

    It’s not unusual for family and friends of interns and staff members to visit those of us staying at the Homestead for the season, but the presence of children on the grounds is a little unusual. It was therefore all the [...]
  • Summit Academy A Community of Us3

    Summit Academy: “A Community of Us”

    The Homestead was a bustling place last week, with a small city of tents pitched near the lake, the repeated squeak and groan of the lodge door as people filtered in and out, and five students plus one instructor from [...]
  • Art of the Smudge - The smoke from an evening smudge wafts out from under the shelter of the lodge porch as the crew relaxes after a long day

    The Art of the Smudge

    The month of June at the homestead means more than sunshine and beautiful swimming weather, for the much-welcomed warming temperatures also mean the arrival of a less agreeable part of early summer: mosquitoes and [...]
  • Ice House - After

    Ice House Stone Masonry

    For the past two weeks the homestead has buzzed with the erratic churning of an ancient cement mixer, the wet smack of shovels on freshly mixed Portland cement, and the scraping of trowels across greenstone. The [...]

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