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    Barren Lands – April 03 – Day 15

    "The cold continues... 28 below this morning. It warmed up actually to about 1 degree today with a 15-20 mile per hour wind. It actually felt kinda pleasant." - Will Steger, April 03, 2018.
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    Barren Lands – April 02 – Day 14

    "I crossed the 60 degree latitude mark today, which is the official Arctic start. Still have a ways to go till I get to the Barrens... The rest did me well, but now I'm on my own again." - Will Steger, April 02, 2018
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    Barren Lands – April 01 – Day 13

    "Easter evening... a long twilight, that in between time when stars are starting to drop out of the sky here - really an optimistic feeling. The light is really coming back fast." - Will Steger, April 01, 2018
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    Barren Lands – March 31 – Day 12

    "Last night a pine marten came into the cabin, which could have been problematic. I threw a small stick at a metal table leg and scared it away. That really freaked out the pine marten." - Will Steger, March 31, 2018
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    Barren Lands – March 30 – Day 11

    "I've traveled these areas of the north for about 55 years now. In some of the villages, I know three-generation families. They are an important part of why I travel here in Canada." - Will Steger, March 30, 2018

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