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  • 0612_01_feature1

    Dispatch 01 – Summer Wildlifer Log

    In the summer's first Wildlifer Log, we'll meet a baby robin fallen from a tree, clean "Mixy" the cement mixer, burn an aspen smudge pot to discourage the bugs, "build character" with stump removal, and stroll to the [...]
  • Barren-Lands-5-30-18-Featured-Img

    Barren Lands – May 30 – Day 72

    “I just landed in Dave’s ski plane on wheels at Yellowknife so I’m officially back in civilization right now. I’m on pavement and talking on a cell phone so I have to get back to the real world now and get caught up on [...]
  • 71_feature

    Barren Lands – May 28 – Day 70

    “It was a two hour flight back. It really put me in touch with how much winter I was actually immersed in… By the time I got to Great Slave Lake, there was some water on the ice. Some of the rivers had rapids and falls [...]
  • 69_feature

    Barren Lands – May 27 – Day 69

    “I expected a lot of thin ice and rapids and all sorts of adventures of that sort. But it was more of a harder slog, which is a different type of experience. I have no disappointment at all. You always get what you get [...]
  • 68_feature

    Barren Lands – May 26 – Day 68

    “The pickup is scheduled for tomorrow. I’d say it’s about 50-50 maybe, getting the plane in here. This weather is getting a little better, but it just goes on and on… I’ll check in tomorrow. I should be at Dave Olsen’s [...]

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