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    Barren Lands – March 29 – Day 10

    "There are a couple traditional routes with major portages that lead through the forest into the barrens. These portages have been used for millennia, probably thousands of years... giving access to the rivers needed for [...]
  • 09_feature

    Barren Lands – March 28 – Day 09

    "Cutting firewood here is very difficult. Near any of these trappers' cabins, all the firewood in the whole vicinity has already been cut off, so its hard to find anything dry... Took me about 5 hours today to get a [...]
  • 0327_08_feature8

    Barren Lands – March 27 – Day 08

    "Slept in the open by a fire, about 35°C below that night. Clear, moon, dead quiet, deep snow, northern lights, in the trees, no wind... and just a fantastic cold." - Will Steger, March 27, 2018.
  • 0326_07_StegerMap

    Barren Lands – March 26 – Day 07

    "Very cold! -29. Great adventures last 2 days. Have made some good progress." - Will Steger, March 26, 2018.
  • 0323_04_featuredimage

    Barren Lands – March 23 – Day 04

    "Along the trails, I saw the usual animals - ptarmigans, red squirrels, rabbits, and a lone wolf that was here and there. When I turned back, I saw the wolf was walking on my tracks on the portage trail." - Will Steger, [...]

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