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    Barren Lands – May 14 – Day 56

    “I had a dangerous encounter with a Barren Lands grizzly bear… It was the biggest grizzly I’ve ever seen… The first situation is always to keep a cool head… When it turned and headed toward me, I knew it was time to get [...]
  • 55_feature

    Barren Lands – May 13 – Day 55

    “In the whiteout, I made out just a glimpse of black… There was a slice of open water, really deep fast moving current right next to the shoreline…. That was a really dangerous situation. It would have been very easy to [...]
  • 54_feature

    Barren Lands – May 12 – Day 54

    “I was waiting and waiting… listening to the animals, and sure enough, the geese started making lots of fuss. Right after the geese was the sound of the engine. Last resupply, it was the ravens. Animals around will let [...]
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    Barren Lands – May 11 – Day 53

    “My resupply is only like 80 pounds – a gallon of gas and some food… This is really a simple plane. You’re not dealing with a Twin Otter, a huge plane worth a couple million dollars. A plane is a plane – you don’t want [...]
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    Barren Lands – May 10 – Day 52

    "On a sandbar not far from here, I scared up about 500 geese. It surprised me.  All of a sudden, they were just all over the place. It's nice seeing such a large number of geese around. It's a sure sign of spring." - [...]

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