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    Adventurer Will Steger prepares for icy crossing

     “I had my hydroseal outfit on, neoprene socks, gloves and helmet. I shoved off at the bottom of the rapids. There was blowing snow and the water was very black. It was treacherous, stark and extremely beautiful. The danger was the black water [...]
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    Will Steger Is a Force of Nature

    “This is the suit I wore for the Trans-Antarctica expedition”, Will Steger says nonchalantly as he flops an insulated onesie covered with sponsor patches on the crude table, his breath visible in the unheated gear shed. Snow covers the [...]
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    Scientist in focus – Arctic adventurer Will Steger

    A trailblazing adventurer became a leading educator Article published in The GuardianThe Guardian by John AbrahamJohn Abraham As readers know, I often focus on the story, and history, of someone who makes an impact in climate change. This is the [...]
  • MinnPost: Summit Academy students, Will Steger break ground on cabin-building initiative in BWCA

    Into the wild: Students work with Steger to build their dreams

    JON TEVLIN , Star TribuneELY, Minn. - Go east out of Ely, past the gas station and the Wolf Center, leaving any semblance of civilization behind. Dirt roads narrow and giant potholes rattle your chassis for miles. You turn down the long [...]
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    Summit Academy students, Will Steger break ground on cabin-building initiative in BWCA

    MARICELLA MIRANDA , Minn PostWilliam Moreland experienced a lot of firsts as he wrapped up his studies at Summit Academy OIC, a community-based vocational training and job placement program in North Minneapolis.Along with learning about [...]
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    Sundial Donates and Installs PV System at Will Steger’s Homestead

    Famous polar explorer and life-long educator Will Steger spends much of his time these days building a legacy outside Ely, Minnesota. “For the past 19 years I’ve been working on this education center,” Will says as he weaves his way between [...]