Solo 2015

In late March 2015, Will embarked on a 200-mile canoe-sled solo over the northern rivers and lakes along the Minnesota/Canadian border. This expedition during the spring break-up is a personal journey to experience the beauty of the season and to expand my knowledge and skills.

The route is most challenging, winding through a string of rivers and lakes. It’s a varied country of waterfalls, rapids, and steep narrows, ranging from small gem-like lakes to large complex bodies of frozen water. There will be danger and hardships, but beneath this veneer is the beauty of the moment. In fact, survival depends on being ever-present and spontaneous rather than moving passively along a pre-determined course.

Will shared his journey through daily satellite dispatches. Click on the daily updates link below to follow his 2015 Solo Expedition.

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    Solo 2015 – Daily Satellite Updates

    I finished the expedition today, April 22. I have always had faith in nature. It is what guides me. This expedition was no different. In this [...]
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    The Route – Solo 2015

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    Why Expeditions?

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    Solo 2015

    In late March 2015, I will begin a 200-mile canoe-sled solo over the northern rivers and lakes along the Minnesota/Canadian border. [...]