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Northwestern Ontario Solo Expedition 2016. Check back daily for updates from the expedition. Click below for Daily Dispatches, Expedition Field notes and more information about this years Will Steger Solo Expedition.

17 Responses to “Solo 2016”

  1. Carol Br

    With this crazy weather , be careful . I know you will . Just wanted to wish you all the best ! Have a great time in the wilderness , enjoy .

  2. Ted Becker

    What a great thing You are doing. I really enjoyed Your Boundary Waters expedition. Thanks much for taking us along.
    Have fun!

  3. Carol

    I think your going to have an early spring breakup. Have a safe travel and enjoy your wilderness . Hope to see you this spring .

  4. Dennis Kim

    Will, My wife, Sungsook, Ms. Cheongbin Lee, Ms. Hyeri Lim and I hope that you will have another great adventure this spring. We will be following and cheering for you everyday. Good luck.

  5. john parish sr

    Will follow progress with interest. The Wabakimi route portion should be special. I was hoping you might choose White Otter/Turtle River segment with a stop on Bending lake at our camp. If our guy in Dryden, camp manager, can be of assistance his Dryden phone number is 807 223 2801 or the camp number 807 934 2352 (radio telephone)

    Best wishes!

  6. Dennis Kim

    My wife Sungsook, Ms Cheongbin Lee, Ms Hyeri Lim and I will follow you everyday and pray for your successful expedition.

  7. Gordon Wiltsie

    Be safe out there, Will! I wish I could join you for a few days. When I was in high school my family took a 2-week canoe trip way north of Lake Nipigon and didn’t see a single other person. It is magnificent, lonely country.

  8. Mary Hanson

    Hi Will ~~ This sounds exciting AND challenging! For starters, I am wondering how you get all of your gear on the train, but perhaps someone is dropping the gear. ? I look forward to following you on the adventure. As you know, I am so impressed w/ your expeditions and so glad you share them with us! Have a safe trip, and I will hope for good weather for you. Perhaps when you return and have time, you can come back on the show for a verbal report. BEST wishes, Mary Hanson

  9. Marilyn Piggott

    I’m so happy to hear your going on another adventure and I know you, its to bring attention to our beautiful planet and the danger it is in. I’m as excited to follow you on this treck just like I was when I first followed you on the IAP. Meeting you and having Mooch and two of your explorer friends stay at my house on LI was and still is a highlight of my life. GOOD LUCK and GOD SPEED Will. Marilyn

  10. Robert Payne

    Safe travels Will! Looking forward to hearing about your progress.
    – Robert


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