Tent: Northwestern Ontario 2016 Solo Expedition

Lake Travel on Pickerel Lake

River Travel on the Pickerel River | Solo 2016 April 1st, 2016

Water Whirlpool Flowing Under The Ice – Firesteel River

Walk On Fire Steel River

Firesteel River Rapids

Dangerous Shoreline Fire Steel River

Shelf Ice Seine River | Solo 2016

Wolves Everywhere

Wolf Tracks

Beaver Tracks

Lining along wall – Seine river – beautiful evening | Solo 2016 – March 25th, 2016

Lining cliff along ice ridge over dangerous waters | Solo 2016 – March 25th, 2016

Challenging lining on Seine river | Solo 2016 – March 25th, 2016

Lining along the seine river | Solo 2016 – March 25th, 2016

Thaw | Solo 2016 – March 25th, 2016

Canoe packing | Solo 2016 – March 29th, 2016

Northwestern Ontario Solo 2016 – March 26th, 2016 | Preparing Dinner – Day 20

Northwestern Ontario Solo 2016 – March 26th, 2016 | Drying off after the storm

Dangerous waters on brightsand river. | Solo 2016 – March 15th, 2016

Ice fog camp on Seseganaga lake. | Solo 2016 – March 8th, 2016

Dropped me off at Allanwater bridge | Solo 2016 – March 7th, 2016

Train arriving savant lake. 1030. | Solo 2016 – March 7th, 2016

Star Timelapse March 2nd, 2016 | Steger Wilderness Center

Canoe-Sled: Northwestern Ontario 2016 Solo Expedition

Toboggan: Will Steger Northwestern Ontario 2016 Solo Expedition

Terrain: Will Steger Northwestern Ontario 2016 Solo Expedition

Overview of Route: Will Steger Northwestern Ontario 2016 Solo Expedition

Countdown: Will Steger Northwestern Ontario 2016 Solo Expedition

Technical: Will Steger Northwestern Ontario 2016 Solo Expedition

Rescue: Will Steger Northwestern Ontario 2016 Solo Expedition

Northwestern Ontario Solo Expedition 2016 Planned Route


This is an excerpt from:
Exploring new economic and cultural prospects, Iron Range seeks life beyond mining
By Jay Walljasper in the MINNPOST on 02/04/16

For the full article, click below:

Prototyping the future at Will Steger’s Wilderness Center

While Northeast Minnesota struggles with economic uncertainty in its legacy industry — mining — the potential of a dawning industry is being demonstrated in a remote corner of the Iron Range.

The Will Steger Wilderness Center, founded near Ely by the celebrated polar explorer, is the site of one of Minnesota’s first and largest renewable power grids — a next generation energy system providing all the facility’s electricity with solar (and eventually wind and biomass) power. The whole complex, which includes five buildings and a five-story conference center under construction, is powered by a state-of-the-art network of solar panels manufactured in Bloomington by Ten K Solar, as well as battery packs.

The system currently generates 10 to 12 kilowatts of power, with plans to ramp up to 20 to 30 kilowatts. It was installed by Sundial Solar of Minneapolis in partnership with the University of St. Thomas School of Engineering and Cummins Power Generation. Students from the University of St. Thomas and Anoka-Ramsey Community College are studying the power grid’s operations.

“The whole idea is that it is a demonstration project to show that [power grids] can be done,” explained Sundial CEO Jon Kramer. “It blows my mind what we’re doing.” Future plans call for using solar panels that will be manufactured by Silicon Energy in the nearby town of Mountain Iron.

The Wilderness Center encompasses Steger’s home, the lodge where all his polar expeditions were plotted, housing for staff and interns, a wood workshop, and the architecturally stunning conference center. Conceived by Steger during a prolonged blizzard on a dogsled expedition across Antarctica and built over the past 25 years mostly by apprentices working with master craftspeople, the conference center will bring together small groups of business, political, and citizen leaders to brainstorm solutions to critical environmental and social problems. The renewable power grid, Steger explains, will remind meeting participants about all that’s possible.

The center — which looks like an amalgam of a ski lodge, Gothic cathedral and solarium — is 85 percent complete and will host a pilot symposium about clean energy this fall, according to Steger.

On Monday, January 25th, 2016 at 9 PM Will Steger’s interview on The Mary Hanson Show will air.

MINNEAPOLIS, MINN. (January 25, 2016) – Polar explorer Will Steger speaks about his experience in the wilderness, clean energy solutions and ties it all together by announcing the Steger Wilderness Center on The Mary Hanson Show. Mary Hanson has the longest running independently produced cable access show and has been hosting MN leaders since 1995. Mary consistently feeds her audience with information that can lead to positive changes. In this episode Will Steger talks about his 2015 solo expedition, the challenges the next generation faces today and how his philosophy and the opening of the Steger Wilderness Center can bring awareness about clean energy action and speak to the public on this crucial topic. Will is just weeks away from his 2016 solo expedition and the rerunning of this episode seems to be right on time as he gears up once again.

Will has always had a strong faith in the wilderness and can see how the power of innovation and group dynamics will help to create balance in today’s rapidly changing world. Will asks questions like, “How do we get away from coal?” and “How do we build a new economy?” While speaking with Mary he gives his outlook, talks about his experience in the wilderness and at one point comforts us all by saying, “There is a really great generation of young people in their twenties… they are taking on a world that is going to be challenging and I believe that generation is very capable…” Will believes that we have the power to solve the worlds energy consumption problems and can adapt to a less materialistic lifestyle.

If you live in the Minneapolis area, stay tuned to channel 6 on the Metro Cable Network. If you just can’t wait to check out this informative and encouraging episode follow the link below.

Will Steger - Mary Hanson Show - 2015
Watch the episode now, here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FowbtzhPJig

Will Steger has accomplished the most significant polar expeditions in history. Steger is a recognized authority on polar environmental issues and a popular speaker, giving more than 100 invited presentations annually. To find out more about Will Steger visit www.willsteger.com.

The Will Steger Wilderness Center is a 501 (c) (3) organization and more information is available at www.stegerwildernesscenter.org.